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FUNCK yeah...

I like taking pictures of drinks and shoes.

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25 March 1980
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The only thing you'll ever learn
is just to love
and be loved in return

basil, being obsessive, belmont shore, blackberries, bono, brad pitt, bran's freestyle, bread, buffy the vampire slayer, butternut squash, c.s.i., california, cannabis, caprese, cats, chicago, chipotle, chocolate, chocolate shell topping, cilantro, clarity, clouds, cockney, cola, coldplay, corn, crème brûlée, dancing, downtown, editors, emo, europe, exploring narrow sidestreets, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, fake hair, falling asleep, fern's, finding things, fire, fireworks, food network, free refills, french fries, garden tomatoes, garlic, gasoline smell, getting drunk, glass, going out, going to shows, gossip girl, granny smith apples, grass, green beans, haado gei, hating reality shows, having adventures, hi chew, honesty, house music, hummus, illume candles, in n' out, interpol, iron chef america, jaime oliver, johnny's saloon, karma, labret piercings, latex clothing, law and order, led zeppelin, leftovers, lights and splendor, lilacs, local bands, long beach, magnolias, making out, marukai, melty chocolate, mexican apple shots, mixed drinks, mohawks, mongolian bbq, moofy, mortal kombat, moulin rouge, nag champa, napoleon dynamite, new york, nicknames, nicole kidman, nyanko, o'hare airport, old buildings, paint with water, painting, painting my toenails, panda express orange chicken, paris, paula deen, peacock feathers, peepshot, photography, piecey hair, piercings, pink haired girls, plantlife, poetry, pomps, pool, public transportation, pussy willows, quotes, radiohead, revive vitamin water, rock, run lola run, rye, self portraits, sex and the city, shaun of the dead, shopping, shots, sketching, snatch (the movie), sour gummi coke bottles, sunshine, taking pictures, tattoos, the absence of drama, the beach, the city, the cure, the dubliner, the mall, the princess bride, the smiths, third eye blind, thirsty-ass squirrels, thunderstorms, u2, vegas hotel pools, vintage clothing, vinyl, walt whitman, wildflowers, , フォ-!

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