tonight's rerun of south park is the chinpokomon episode... and one of the first commercials was for the new pokemon game for the nintendo ds. lol! :D


pissing matches bore and irritate me so.

(unless it really has to do with pissing... that would probably be pretty interesting)

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earthquakes are so much more frightening in the middle of the night. I remember being worried it was a pre-shock. and that I had no pants on hahaha

speaking of not having pants on, happy birthday to gonzo_md :)


okay....okay! I have been totally loving snoop dogg's recent song. there, I said it. he will always be one of my favorites in that genre, one of the most unique. laid back. he makes me laugh. and it really doesn't hurt that he hails from my city. whatttttt

and though I don't watch the show (no dislike, just no cable), I love that he talks about true blood in one of his others (that I also like). :)
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